Furdui Bianca

Ocupational Area


Department Chemistry

Education and Training

December 2005 - September 2004: research stage for PhD, at L.E.D.S.S., University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

2003, July: reasearch stage at L.E.D.S.S., University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France, bilateral collaboration Brancusi Ro/24

2006-1999: codirrection PhD in Organic chemistry at University „Al. I. Cuza” Iassy, and in Chemistry and Life Sciences at University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

2004, February: Lecturer, Organic chemistry, Food chemistry, University „Dunarea de Jos”, Galati

January 2004 – February 1998: Assistant, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Food chemistry, University „Dunarea de Jos”, Galati

1998, 6th-18th of July: Francofone Summer School, „Glicobiology, Glicopathology and Glicotechnology”, University „Al. I. Cuza”, Iassy, Romania

1998-1997: Postgraduate studies, „Physics and Chemistry of Dispers Mediums”, Faculty of Science, University „Dunarea De Jos”, Galati

1997-1992: Faculty of Letters and Sciences, University „Dunarea de Jos”, Galati, Licentiate in Chemistry-Physics, Profile Chemistry

1992-1988: „Vasile Alecsandri” College, Galati, Diploma of School-leaving examination

Area of expertise

Organic chemistry, synthesis, structural and functional analysis for nitrogen heterocyclic compounds, analysis of natural extracts, study of biological active organic compounds, characterisation of organic compounds using spectral techniques (UV-VIS, IR, RMN), HPLC chromatography, mass spectrometry, food chemistry; biochemistry


Scientific Activity


Domneasca Street, No. 111,

Building SD, Floor 1, Room 104

800 008, Galati, ROMANIA

Phone +40726762850

Fax + 40236 461 353

E- mail: bfurdui@yahoo.com