Petrea Leontina

Ocupational Area

Biologist, PhD- student

Department of Bioengineering in Food Industry, Microbiology

Education and Training

2006 - Present: PhD student at Food Science and Engineering Faculty, Dunarea de Jos University, Galati;

11-17 January 2009, improvement cours „Principles and Application of DNA Microarray, în cadrul National Institut of Health, Bethesda – Washinghton, SUA.

25 -31 February 2009, improvement cours „ Recombinant DNA Methodology I” în cadrul National Institut of Health, Bethesda – Washinghton, SUA.

14-17 April 2008 at 1.3th International Advanced Course on Food Fermentation, Wageningen, organised by Graduated School Vlag with Departaments of Food-Microbiology and Microbiology of Wageningen University.

16.09-28.10.2008 research training at „Instituto de Agroquimica Y Tecnologia de Alimentos” Consoho Superior de Investigationes Cientificas, Valencia, Spain.

8-14 September 2008, improvement cours „Recombinant DNA Technology and Protein Expression”, Bucharest.

2001-2006: biology teacher, Braila

1997-2001: University of Bucharest, Biological Faculty, Cellular biology and Genetics.

1994-1997: Gh. M. Murgoci High School from Braila, Physics-Chemistry profile.

Area of expertise

Genetic and Engineering genetics.


Scientific Activity


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