Purchased equipment during the running of the platform project (2006):

HPLC System with UV/visible detection, fluorescence detector and ELSD, AGILENT

Split beam UV/visible spectrophotometer, data analysis software, JENWAY

Laboratory glass bioreactor, for microbial cultures, 1L volume, APPLIKON BIOBUNDLE

Laboratory glass bioreactor, for plant cell cultures, 3L volume, APPLIKON BIOBUNDLE

Centrifuge - Hettich

Stericcell drying oven, sterilizing software adjustment, MMM

Autoclave “Sterilmatic-C-Dry”, AE 75- DRY, RAYPA

Fluorescence and phase contrast combination microscopy, OLYMPUS

Cooling centrifuge, Hettich

Drying oven with natural convection, 115 L model ED 115, BINDER