Spălățelu (Vicol), C.
Biotechnological valorisation of whey
Pages 1-8
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El-Tanash, A.B., Sherief, A.D.A, Nour, A.
Optimization the hydrolysis process of tannic acid for gallic acid production by tannase of Aspergillus awamori using response surface methodology
Pages 9-17
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Mittal, A., Singh, G., Goyal, V., Yadav, A., Aggarwal, N.K.
Production of phytase by acido-thermophilic strain of Klebsiella sp. DB-3FJ711774.1 using orange peel flour under submerged fermentation
Pages 18-27
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Bourneow, C., Benjakul, S., Sumpavapol, P., H-Kittikun, A.
Isolation and cultivation of transglutaminase-producing bacteria from seafood processing factories
Pages 28-39
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Tetchi, F.A., Solomen, O.W., Celah, K.A., Georges, A.N.
Effect of cassava variety and fermentation time on biochemical and microbiological characteristics of raw artisanal starter for attiéké production
Pages 40-47
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Kiran, K.A., Appaiah, K.A.A., Appaiah, S.
Extension of shelf life of curd – an indian fermented milk by using a new isolate of Brevibacillus brevis strain as starter culture
Pages 48-55
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