Patrascu E., Rapeanu G., Hopulele T.
Current approaches to efficient biotechnological production of ethanol
Pages 1-11
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Iancu C., Butu N., Bahrim G.
Preliminary studies regarding transglutaminase synthesis by polar filamentous bacteria of the genus Streptomyces sp.
Pages 12-15
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Sharma J., FULEKAR M.H.
Identification of potential strain - Buttiauxella izardii DSM 9397 for remediation of cadmium
Pages 16-23
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Bonciu C.
Research concerning the influence of linoleic acid addition in wort comparing with wort aeration
Pages 24-31
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Mocanu D., Rotaru G., Botez E., Gîtin L., Andronoiu D.G., Nistor O., Vlăsceanu G., Dune A.
Sensory evaluation and rheological behavior of probiotic dairy products with Rosa canina L. and Glycyrriza glabra L. extracts
Pages 32-39
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