Rapeanu G., Vicol, C., Bichescu, C.
Possibilities to asses the wines authenticity
Pages 1- 9
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Staciuc, N.
Traceability indicators for heat treatments of milk
Pages 10-17
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Constantin, O.
Bacterial biofilms formation at air liquid interfaces
Pages 18-22
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Cotarlet, M., Negoita, T., Bahrim, G., Stougaard, P.
Cold adapted amylase and protease from new Streptomyces 4 Alga antarctic strain
Pages 23-30
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Gurgu, L., Barbu, V., Tofan, C.
Fusion between serine-threonine reach domain from STA1 gene with BGLB gene of the Paenibacillus polymyxa
Pages 31-37
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