Corcionivoschi N., Drinceanu D., Stef L., Luca I., Julean C., Mingyart O.
Probiotics – identification and ways of actions
Pages 1-11
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Leonov S.
Screening for novel cold-active lipases from wild type bacteria isolates
Pages 12-17
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Miron, T.L., Gazi, I., Plaza del Moral, M.
Romanian aromatic plants as sources of antioxidants
Pages 18-24
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Ingale A., Ramteke, A.
Studies on cultivation and biological efficiency of mushrooms grown on different agro-residues
Pages 25-28
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Bonciu C., Tabacaru C., Bahrim G.
Yeast isolation and selection for bioethanol production from inulin hydrolysates
Pages 29-34
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Book review
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