Stanciuc N., Stanciu S., Nistor C., Rapeanu G., Bahrim G.
An overview on the current status of Romanian biotechnology in educational and trade sector
Pages 1-11
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Ali N.A., Ahmed S.H., Mohamed E.A., Mohamed Ahmed I.A., Babiker E.E.
Changes in Functional Properties by Transglutaminase Cross Linking as a Function of pH of Legumes Protein Isolate
Pages 12-20
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Iancu C., Barbu V., Nicolau A., Iordachescu G.
Attempts to obtain a new symbiotic product based on soy milk
Pages 21-29
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Stanciuc N., Hintoiu A., Stanciu S., Rapeanu G.
Thermal Treatment Can Modify the Susceptibility of Whey Protein Concentrate to Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Pages 30-36
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Aboubakar, Njintang Y. N., Nguimbou R. M., Scher J., Mbofung C.M.F.
Effect of storage on the physicochemical functional and rheological properties of taro (Colocasia esculenta) flour and paste
Pages 37-48
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Barbu M., Caraman S., Liga V., Nicolau T., Ceanga E.
Modelling and numerical simulation of the flocculation process
Pages 49-54
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Leustean I., Coman G., Bahrim G.
The Plackett-Burman model - an improved alternative to indentify the significant factors implied in the bioconversion of the complex cellulosic waste to ethanol
Pages 55-60
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Mohite B.V., Jalgaonwala R.E., Pawar S., Morankar A.
Isolation and characterization of phenol degrading bacteria from oil contaminated soil
Pages 61-65
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Patil S.S., Ahmed S.A., Telang S.M., Baig M.M.V.
Nutritional value of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq:Fr) Kumm cultivated on different lignocellulosic agro-wastes
Pages 66-76
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Bonciu C., Struta V., Bahrim G.
Isolation and screening of new mould strains able for inulinase biosynthesis and inulin from Jerusalem artichoke hydrolysis
Pages 77-81
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