Neagu (Bonciu), C., Bahrim, G.
Inulinases - a versatile tool for biotechnology
Pages 1-11
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Sieladie, D.V., Zambou, N.F., Kaktcham, P.M., Cresci, A., Fonteh, F.
Probiotic properties of lactobacilli strains isolated from raw cow milk in the western highlands of Cameroon
Pages 12-28
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Stoica, M., Dinica, R., Gitin, L., Grozavu, C., Carac, G.
Electrochemical behavior of stainless steel in Oxonia-Active with Geothricum candidum
Pages 29-34
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Mittal, A., Singh, G., Goyal, V., Yadav, A., Aggarwal, N.K.
Optimization of medium components for phytase production on orange peel flour by Klebsiella sp. DB3 using response surface methodology
Pages 35-44
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Stanciuc, N., Dima, S., Rapeanu, G.
Effect of calcium addition on the thermal denaturation of bovine apo-α-lactalbumin – a preliminary study
Pages 45-51
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Vasile, A., Paraschiv, D., Dima, S., Bahrim, G.
Growth and cell viability improve of the probiotic strain Lactobacillus casei ssp. Paracasei in the presence of oat bran and buckwheat flour
Pages 52-59
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Gitin, L., Varona, S., Cocero Alonso, M.J.
Encapsulation of garlic essential oil by batch PGSS process
Pages 45-51
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